The International Theatre Photography 2021

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The International Theatre Photography 


The International Theatrical Photography Competition “THEATRE EXPOSED” is held annually and is dedicated to World Theatre Day.

Art is eternal if it is captured by a theatrical photographer!

Goals and objectives:

Celebration of the World Theatre Day, bringing together representatives of the theatrical community around the globe, not only playwrights, directors and actors, but also other numerous professionals who connected their life with the stage – stage designers, dressers, artists, musicians, illuminators, and photographers/

Participants of the Photo contest:

Anyone who loves theatre can take part in. Participation is free.

Dates of the Photo contest:

from  September 15, 2020, to January 15, 2021

Theme: Theatre


  • art photo
  • portrait photo
  • movement in art (active movement, street theatre, immersive theatre)
  • retro photo (archival photo taken before the 80s. XX century)
  • open category (experimental category)

The International Jury of the «THEATRE EXPOSED-2021» competition included: Yuri Mechitov (Tbilisi, Georgia) – the legendary Georgian photographer, author of many books, including the photo album Sergey Parajanov. Chronicle of dialogue”; Jelena Vilt (Tallinn, Estonia) – photo-artist, theater photographer; Sergey Zhdanovich (Minsk, Belarus) – photographer, artist; Izya Shlosberg (Maryland, USA) – artist, writer, philosopher, founder of the Shiva-club creative union; Elena Martynyuk (Ukraine-Russia) – Honored Photographer of the International Federation of Photographic Art, Member of the European Union of Professional Photographers; Makinde Adeniran (Abeokut, Nigeria) – playwright, director, chairman of the National Association of Nigerian Theater Arts (NANTAP Lagos state); Ariel Cecilio Lemus (Havana, Cuba) – photographer; Jovan Vidakovic (Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina) – photographer, participant and winner of previous competitions; Reza Mozafari Manesh (Iran, Tehran) – photographer, participant and winner of the previous competition.


Conditions of the competition:

Each participant must register, fill out the form before January 15, 2021,

Photos are accepted in e-mail:

View by addresses marked “Photo Contest-2021”.

– from each participant no more than 5 photos are taken in each of the nominations;

– the photo must meet the following criteria: composition; artistry; the disclosure of the topic; originality; foreshortening; nuances and details; rhythm; inspiration; emotionality; coloring; the plot; key moment; dynamism.

– the photo must be high-quality, clear, the image file format, no more than 1.5 MB (2000 by 1500 px), the extension is only JPG, JPEG;


The competition is not allowed:

– collages, pictures with inscriptions, date, frames, filters, excessive processing in the graphics editor;

– photos, copyrights to which belong to another person.

Jury of the contest

The jury of the competition is formed from people of different professions, close to art.

The jury will be represented by January 15, 2021.

Winner’s reward ceremony

The winners are determined by the international jury, and a separate audience prize will be selected by open voting on the contest page.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places are awarded to the participants whose photos scored the most votes and won by open voting.

The winner of the Grand Prix and prizes in all nominations are announced on March 27, 2021, at a solemn ceremony dedicated to International Theatre Day.

Photos of the finalists will be published on the pages of partners and presented at exhibitions within the framework of the International Theatre Day in partner organizations.

Copyright and intellectual property:

– participants in the photo contest guarantee their authorship of the photo they send; in the event of any claims of third parties in relation to the said photograph, the participants undertake to settle them on their own and at their own expense;

– sending a photo to the contest, the participants automatically confirm that they do not violate copyrights and other intellectual rights, and bear full responsibility for this, according to the legislation of Ukraine;

– the participants gratuitously grant the organizers the right to use the photograph on the conditions of a non-exclusive license without the limitation of the territory and the terms of use for the purpose of popularizing the contest and the author of the photograph;

– the fact of participation in this competition implies that its participants are acquainted and agree with the listed items and with the terms of the user agreement;

– in everything that is not provided by these rules, the organizer and participants of the competition are guided by the current Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights”.

The Regulations of the competition are subject to change.

Project page on Facebook:


Project Curator:

Irina Averina

DEADLINE:  January 15, 2021 -extended until February 15, 2021!

30 replies
  1. Mali
    Mali says:

    Congratulations Reza Mozafari Manesh.
    I know you are the best and you’ve worked so hard for this, you deserve it.
    I wish you the best of luck although you don’t need it .

  2. Sina
    Sina says:

    As a young inspired theater photographer, i see mr Reza Mozafari Manesh as a mentor to all iranian photographers and people of the same field, his style was the base of many frames, i took, thank you and wish you luck sir

  3. Ludmila Shumilova
    Ludmila Shumilova says:

    I am familiar with Reza Mozafari Manesh’s work which shows great perception of the art of acting and catches significant moments with depth of understanding and a poetic touch. His vibrant portraits and scenes are full of life and theatrical significance.

  4. Amir Moghadasi
    Amir Moghadasi says:

    It’s an honor to have such a great competition in which gifted and skillful photographers are brought together to showcase their talents.

  5. Sahar Malek
    Sahar Malek says:

    Dear Reza Az an Iranian I really proud of you.
    Good luck my friend.❤❤💜💚💙
    رضای عزیز دوست خوب من باعث افتخار ما ایرانی ها هستی
    بدرخشی همیشه ❤🤍❤💙💚

  6. Sahara
    Sahara says:

    You paint with your camera.the strong emotions and aesthetics of your lmages have given a special condition to your works.Also good luck on the juries in this competition.

  7. Julia Goodinson
    Julia Goodinson says:

    Reza Mozafari Manesh is an outstanding individual producing high quality work that is inspirational and full of passion extremely talented and professional.

  8. Shadi Mahsa
    Shadi Mahsa says:

    Reza’s photos brings magic to his viewers. He has a unique talent which draws everyone into his vision. Incredible and strong shots which captures the moment. Wishing him a great success.

  9. Fatima
    Fatima says:

    Jeune artiste, j’ai vu tes photos ,C’est très professionnel et j’aime ces photos. Parce que j’aime la photographie.❤️📸
    bonne chance mon amie.🙏❤️

  10. morteza montazer
    morteza montazer says:

    مثل همیشه عالیییی و بهترین😍💪🏽
    انرژی گرفتم💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
    veryyyyy veryyyy gooood


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