Fine art -Theater photographer

Reza Mozafari Manesh was born on September 14th, 1992 in Tehran, Iran, Reza is an active photographer in different genres since 2010 and worked as a professional photographer in more than 200 Theaters from 2014, He has worked on fine portrait photos, taking photos of models, both men, and women. His work doesn’t only rely on models and faces but sometimes photomontage, although he has experienced capturing nature and the environment.

Portrait Photography

A big part of Reza’s photography includes shooting in expressional faces (feelings and expression), moments in nature (realistic imagination), and environmental issues. He is also known as a street photographer, as a freelance photographer.

Theater Photography

The details on his art are very mysterious yet have hidden ideas behind them. Other branches of photography complete his artistic photographic skills. In other words, you can say he is a stage photographer. He has captured many live plays and theatre displays. His skill is to show the main story of a play dressed as a thrilling mystery giving clues.


The aim of Reza’s art is not to show what can be seen in where it exists, but to allow the viewer to see what is seen and meant by his eyes, 200 plays some of his works.

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